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What is a ‘Sales’ person?

26 Sep

A good way to start with what ‘my’ definition of a sales person, which is obviously going to be a reflection of my experience in sales rather than an absolute definition.

A sales person is anyone who works in the client facing part of a business. Meaning anyone who speaks to clients or customers on a daily basis or as part of their role is a sales person for that company. Which might sound overwhelmingly obvious to the majority of people but has multiple applications. For example, quite often support teams and product managers are also sales people because they face ‘buyers’ on a daily basis.

The argument against this is that ‘sales’ people are a different breed, we go after the money while the rest of the company stands behind us and supports us through it. Which is true within certain companies, it all depends on the industry that you’re based in and most importantly the product for sale. However it assumes that sales people are the most important part of a business, when the truth is that the most important part of a business is their clients/customers/consumers.

I doubt everyone will agree but my logic behind is that everyone who faces outside the company should feel a sense of ownership for their company.



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